By Dan Treadway
January 08, 2014

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We're in the midst of college admissions season and it appears that a record number of high school pupils are hoping to pursue their higher education at Dunk City, USA.

This is according to a News Press article indicating that Florida Gulf Coast University has seen a remarkable surge in applications this year, undoubtably related to the national notoriety the school gained during its basketball team's historic run in the NCAA Tournament last March.

FGCU has seen an unprecedented surge in freshmen applications, a 35.4 percent year-over-year spike that President Wilson Bradshaw would like to think is a result of surging academic prestige. He knows that’s not the sole reason, though.

“Our visibility in basketball certainly didn’t hurt,” Bradshaw said. “We have to acknowledge that.”

In 2008, FCGU's had an incoming freshman class of 1,882 students. This year, the university is expected to welcome well over 3000 students.

It's a nice development for a school that didn't even admit its first student until 1997. But matriculating freshmen hoping to catch a glimpse of Dunk City might be disappointed: Head coach Andy Enfield left for USC last spring and the men's team is off to a slow start this year.

But the beachside dorms? Yeah, those are totally still a thing.

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