By Andy Gray
January 09, 2014

Happy Birthday, Muggsy

Today is Muggsy Bogues' 49th birthday. It would make sense for me to wait until he's 50 and then blow out a huge gallery of his best photos for Hot Clicks. But who wants to wait an entire year? In addition to the gallery, I suggest reading this 1987 profile of Bogues at Wake Forest (which produced this amazing photo) and this 1993 story about his success with the Hornets.

This Idea Will Go Over Well

In his first podcast, UFC fighter Matt Brown suggested that women in UFC should fight topless.

Two Great Metaphors

Panthers QB Cam Newton compared his improvement over  his NFL career to a software update. Not to be outdone, Nets forward Kevin Garnett compared his strong fourth quarter performance to a booty call, saying "Tonight, I dialed and she was right there, answering like she’s supposed to."

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Malin Akerman wore this dress to the People's Choice Awards last night ... The 25 best Nina Dobrev photos .... Charlotte Springer is a glamour model sometimes referred to as the "British Kim Kardashian."

Is O.J. Okay?

Last week, it was reported that O.J. Simpson is suffering from life-threatening brain cancer and asked President Obama for his release from prison so he could get treatment. His lawyer, however, claims this is all untrue and that Simpson's health is fine.

Greg Maddux Is Disgusting

This compilation of gross Greg Maddux stories made me earn a whole new respect for him.

Another Item To Annoy Marlins Fans

Marlins president David Samson, who claimed in October that Miami would make the playoffs in 2014, will be on Season 28 of Survivor.

Odds and Ends

Ric Flair will not attend the Panthers-49ers game after receiving death threats ... This Vanderbilt fan is not happy about football coach James Franklin going to Penn State ... The Oral Roberts basketball squad had to forfeit two games because of a weird technicality ... Jack Nicklaus' first career paycheck was for $33.33.

Cheerleaders and Hula Hoops

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders hula hoop in bikinis.

Madden Football in 1988

In honor of the Astoria Museum of the Moving Image, which is running an exhibit on the Madden video game franchise, here's a look at Madden Football in 1988. 

Price is Right Reaction of the Day

Kalyn was a little excited after winning. (HT Uproxx)

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