By Ryan Glasspiegel
January 10, 2014

As he did last week, Hulk Hogan seized the opportunity to film a rousing in-character pep talk for the New England Patriots. If they don't beat the Colts on Sunday, it will be truly shocking. Hogan's inspiring speech had everything you need to win football games: extolling the virtues of elite athleticism, a personal shout-out to back-up tight end Matthew Mulligan, an open offer to Tom Brady to use one of his giant arms.

But how did it compare to Ric Flair's already-successful speech that yielded a 49ers victory in Green Bay on Sunday?

Well ... At first, it didn't even seem like a wrasslin' talk -- He showed up in person instead of filming his bit from his own surf shop, and broke character for a bit to give a humble talk. But the swerve came when the Nature Boy made a heel turn by saying his heart was with the 49ers over his hometown Panthers, and then ended it all with a strut and a series of "WOOOOOO's."

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