By Andy Gray
January 20, 2014

The Richard Sherman Show

I fully planned to lead this morning's Clicks with an overview of yesterday's championship games, but then Richard Sherman erupted in his postgame interview and the internet exploded. As luck would have it Sherman wrote a first person piece for SI about the entire incident. Also of note, Forbes has 22 thoughts on Sherman's postgame interview, while Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander expressed his disapproval in baseball terms (as did his girlfriend/friend/whatever they are/ Kate Upton). The target of Sherman's wrath, Niners receiver Michael Crabtree, thought he got the better of the matchup, while Bucs tight end Tom Crabtree enjoyed how everyone thought he was Michael Crabtree.

As For the Games

Peyton Manning and the Broncos thoroughly outplayed the Patriots, earning Denver a trip to the Super Bowl and giving Manning’s foundation nearly $25,000 for the quarterback's 44 pre-snap "Omaha" calls. The Broncos quarterback celebrated the victory with a postgame "Tebow." The game's biggest controversy was this hit on Pats cornerback Aqib Talib by Denver receiver Wes Welker, a play that Bill Belichick thought was deliberate (though it's worth pointing out that Welker and Belichick haven't always had the best relationship).

As for the Seahawks-Niners game, San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh is always good for at least one "I'm acting like a lunatic" GIF, and here it is. Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch scored another "beast mode" touchdown, which resulted in fans chucking Skittles into the end zone and receiver Golden Tate nearly catching one in his mouth. It will be a brutal offseason for San Francisco linebacker NaVorro Bowman, who not only has to deal with a tough loss but also will rehab a painful knee injury. On the plus side, he received a barrage of support from his fellow NFL players after the game. Lastly, expect to see a lot of Macklemore over the next couple weeks, with the Seahawks in the Super Bowl—and don't expect to hear much about Aaron Hernandez, with the Patriots eliminated. But at least Hernandez has a sandwich.

The Weekend's Other Big Event

WWE Diva Brie Bella held a bachelorette party, at which everyone wore fake beards in support of Bella's fiance, Daniel Bryan. Speaking of Bryan, he was pumped about the Seahawks' victory.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Morena Baccarin wore this dress to the Screen Actor's Guild Awards last night, which earns her LLOD honors. Popoholic has a roundup of all the night's best looks.

In Footwear News

The Oregon Ducks are paying tribute to Michael Jordan with the new "JumpDuck" logo on their sneakers. Kevin Durant, meanwhile, is honoring his aunt Pearl with the new "N7" edition of his signature sneaker. Durant's aunt died from breast cancer when he was little.

Help Jamaica!

The Jamaican Bobsled team has qualified for the Sochi Winter Olympics. That's the good news. The bad news is that the team needs $80,000 to pay for the trip and is seeking your help to make it happen. A page on has been set up for people to send donations. As of this writing (Monday, 10:08 a.m.), the Jamaicans are at $19,957.21. Donate today!

SI Vault Photo of the Day

Chicago Bulls :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI Chicago Bulls :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI

Bulls teammates Ron Harper, Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan play cards on the airplane during a March 1998 road trip. Harper, one of the key players on Chicago's championship teams, turns 50 today. This photo was used as the 5/11/98 cover of SI, accompanying a story by Rick Reilly about life on an NBA road trip.

Odds and Ends

Who will ESPN choose to replace Brent Musburger in the broadcast booth? ... South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier continues to troll Clemson ... This is what Seth Meyers looked like as a college freshman ... You have to respect this Seahawks fan and his hair ... The 17 most influential burgers of all time ... Metta World Peace thinks Larry Holmes is "bringing down" the black community.


An Australian Open ballboy gets clocked in the face during the match between Florian Mayer and David Ferrer.

Where's the Bleep Button?

Flyers captain Claude Giroux throws out a couple F-bombs before his postgame interview (HT: With Leather)

Jan Vesely Airballs a Free Throw

Rough night at the charity stripe for the Wizards forward.

LeBron James Airballs a Free Throw

Maybe this clip from December 2011 will cheer up poor Jan.

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