By Andy Gray
January 22, 2014

Man on a Mission

Kevin Durant is on a roll. The Thunder forward scored 46 points last night in a 105-97 victory over Portland and has averaged 36 points, seven rebounds and five assists in the 14 games since teammate Russell Westbrook went down with an injury. Even his competitors are gushing about him, while LeBron James is getting KD's stats delivered to his phone every night. I'm shocked that Durant didn't win by a landslide in this poll about a hypothetical Carmelo Anthony vs. KD game of 1-on-1. All he needs is a celebrity girlfriend now that he's single. My choice is Rihanna, who seems to have gotten over her crush on Eagles linebacker Michael Kendrick.

25 Top Sports Movie Villains

Extra Mustard has compiled a list of the 25 greatest sports movie villains and it's spectacular.

Speaking of Spectacular

Have you seen the uniforms that Norway's curling team will be sporting in Sochi?

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Estelle George is an Australian model and cheerleader for the Sydney Roosters rugby club. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Super Bowl Kids

Next Impulse Sports has collected childhood photos of players from the Seahawks and Broncos, including one of little Eric Decker and his mullet. Seeing that Richard Sherman has dominated the headlines for the past couple of days, we made a gallery of Sherman's childhood photos. Would it kill him to look happy when his mom tries to kiss him?

This Made Me Love LeBron

LeBron James received his very own WWE Championship belt, courtesy of The Rock. The Heat forward posted this Instagram video not only showing off the belt, but also showing off his imitation of The Rock.

SI Vault Photo of the Day

Greg Oden :: Bob Rosato/SI Greg Oden :: Bob Rosato/SI

Greg Oden turns 26 today. The Heat center has struggled with injuries since the Blazers drafted him with the No. 1 overall pick in 2007. In this photo from March 2007, Oden flies in for a dunk during the national semifinal game against Georgetown. The Buckeyes would prevail but lose to Florida in the national championship game.

Odds and Ends

Love this photo of Lakers guard Kendall Marshall and teammate Pau Gasol from 2003, when Marshall was just 11 ...  Masahiro Tanaka agreed to 7-year, $155 million deal with the Yankees ... This is why you don't drink and drive play goalie ... Northwestern students painted their chests last night in a show of support for Purdue ... NBC has decided to pass on the Murder, She Wrote reboot (much to the dismay of John Madden, I'm sure) ... Mike Francesa had a fun time checking out the Super Bowl swag ... Did you know female basketball players get twice as many concussions as their male counterparts?

How To Be a College Hockey Player

The University of Wisconsin squad gives you the inside scoop.

Lumberjack Of The Day

Creighton fans will celebrate Lumberjack Night on Feb. 7 in honor of bearded sensation Ethan Wragge. Here's a video promoting the big event.

Passing With Ricky Rubio

The T-Wolves guard plays catch with a little girl during a break in the action last night.

Knocking Out Eric Dickerson

The new season of Four Courses with JB Smoove premieres tonight on the MSG Network. In this clip from tonight's episode, former Giants linebacker Carl Banks tells a story from his rookie year about Bill Parcells offering up $1,500 to the first guy that puts Eric Dickerson on his ass.

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