By Ben Sin
January 22, 2014

This video purports to feature the “Press Start” screen of every NES game, in alphabetical order. Before we go any further, let that sink in.

Though it has a three-hour runtime and includes many obscure games that you and I have certainly never played, some viewers have pointed out (in the YouTube comments) that the compilation doesn't cover literally every NES game—it’s missing, for one, Final Fantasy III, a fact the maker of the video, NicksplosionFX, has conceded.

I tried going through this checklist of “every NES game ever released” to see if there are any more omissions, but I soon realized it was futile. For one, the video is three freaking hours long, and two, it includes many Asian titles. As someone who grew up in Hong Kong, I know not to mess with Asian video games, because the bootleg scene there is too insane.

For example: This cartridge, which combines 9999999 games in one.


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