By Sam Page
January 22, 2014

sherman_cardFrom card manufacturer Panini America, comes word that a Richard Sherman football card sold for $1,475.01 on eBay the night of the NFC Championship game, after Sherman's amazing post-game interview. The auction ended at 8:00 PST on the 19th, which is about an hour after Sherman called Michael Crabtree mediocre. I don't know if the seller had listed the auction exactly a week before when he/she thought the NFC Championship game would end on purpose, but he/she looks like a genius either way.

Unsurprisingly, the price paid looks ridiculous in hindsight. The same card is listed as "Buy It Now" for $300 on eBay at the moment, which is probably means its true market value is 50-75 percent of even that. Other past auctions reveal the card for selling for less than $150 just a few weeks prior.

The lesson: don't be the person who spends $500 for a signed copy of Batman Incorporated 8 the day it comes out when it'll be going for $5 soon.


Panini America

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