Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree Mic'd Up During NFC Championship Game

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By now anything and everything has been said and written about Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman's controversial post-NFC championship game interview with Erin Andrews. But fortunately we have a bit of new insight into the situation, thanks to the above video by NFL Films in which both Sherman and Crabtree were mic'd up (also, many props to the producer who had the foresight to get sound on both these players before the game).

The most telling tidbit occurs immediately after Sherman's tipped the pass that resulted in an interception to send the Seahawks to the Super Bowl. While many have been piling on Sherman for having poor sportsmanship, his first impulse after making the play of his life was to attempt to shake Crabtree's hand while saying "Hell of a game! Hell of a game!" Crabtree shoves Sherman's helmet, which honestly is forgivable given the heightened emotions surrounding the situation, but this reaction perhaps gives us some idea of why the cornerback was a little more fired up when he was interviewed immediately after the game.

GALLERY: Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree at the charity event in Arizona where the feud started