Public Policy Polling: Americans Backing Denver Broncos to Win Super Bowl

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via Getty Images

via Getty Images

The nation is hoping that the Super Bowl trophy will make its way back to Denver, according to a recent poll.

Recently released numbers by Public Policy Polling revealed that 49 percent of Americans are rooting for the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl compared to just 22 percent rooting for the Seattle Seahawks. According to the poll, 29 percent have no opinion either way and are probably just hoping to watch some entertaining commercials.

In addition, it seems that the majority of Americans are completely over the Richard Sherman drama, as 57 percent of respondents had no opinion when asked about the outspoken cornerback (of the respondents that did have a Sherman take, 15 percent viewed him favorably and 28 percent viewed him negatively).

But many think the game itself is a foregone conclusion anyhow, as according to an October poll, 32 percent of respondents feel that major sporting events are rigged by professional leagues in some way -- and there are several members of the Baltimore Ravens who agree with that assessment.

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