By Andy Gray
February 03, 2014

Scenes from the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl was a dud, as the Seahawks annihilated the Broncos on the way to a 43-8 victory. But there was plenty of action after the game. Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith won MVP and had his press conference crashed by a 9/11 truther. Receiver Doug Baldwin went off on ESPN analyst Cris Carter for calling him an appetizer. My friend Marshawn Lynch was in a great mood, dancing up a storm in the locker room, while Sir Patrick Stewart did one-handed pushups to support his favorite team. As for the Broncos, their MVP may have been Shaun Phillips' son, who sent his dad this great text after the game. Peyton Manning was named the league's MVP and some new memes came out of the game. Otherwise, it was a disaster.

As For The Commercials

Radio Shack had my favorite Super Bowl ad for the Cliff Clavin appearance alone, but I also appreciate how they poked fun at themselves for being outdated. Coca-Cola found itself at the center of controversy after running an ad that featured people singing America the Beautiful in different languages. For the most part, however, this year's ads were warm and fuzzy. As for Twitter, it was an interesting night for JC Penney and a great night for Hillary Clinton. The best tweet of the Super Bowl, however, belonged to DiGiorno Pizza.

No Luck at the After Party

It was a rough night for injured Broncos linebacker Von Miller, who not only had to watch the game but was rejected at the door of a NYC nightclub where the Seahawks were celebrating their victory. I know one guy who can empathize.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

I arrived at work and spotted a poster of model Cara Delevingne playing football on the wall across from my office, sitting between the desks of my Extra Mustard amigos Dan Treadway and Sam Page. This solved my morning "Who should be today's LLOD?" dilemma and frankly, it's an honor that's long overdue.

Bruno Mars Report

There seems to be universal consent that Bruno Mars dominated the halftime show (I've put the full performance in the video section below) and this tweet from Buzzfeed's Ryan Broderick is really all I can add to the conversation.

Puppy Bowl vs. Kitten Bowl vs. Fish Bowl breaks down all the action from these important games.

SI Vault Photo of the Day

Joe Namath came out for the ceremonial coin flip in a fur coat, which made this Athletes in Fur Coats gallery I put together a couple years ago suddenly relevant.

Odds and Ends

SI's media critic Richard Deitsch grades Fox's Super Bowl broadcast ... Mass transit was a complete nightmare for people going to the game ... This man took a selfie while being chased by a bull ... When celebrities were babies ... Clayton Kershaw and Joe Theisman appeared on last night's episode of Brooklyn 99 ... The Blue Jackets and Hurricanes both took shots at ESPN on Twitter ... Eli Manning looked miserable at the Super Bowl ... Ray Allen couldn't have been miserable with this Super Bowl setup.

The Seinfeld Reunion

The much-anticipated Seinfeld reunion from last night's Super Bowl.

Bruno Mars Halftime Show

In case you missed it, Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers performance from halftime.

Salt on the Wound

Broncos mascot Miles comes to realization that he has to wear Seahawks jersey all week.

Nothing To Watch Tonight?

SI Swimsuit celebrates 50 years with a primetime special on NBC tonight at 9 p.m.

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