By Dan Treadway
February 05, 2014

[vimeo 85831388 w=600 h=330]

Russian Olympian Alexey Sobolev decided to attach a GoPro to his head so that he could give everyone a view of what it's like to do a run on the much-discussed slopestyle course in Sochi.

Norwegian medal hopeful Torstein Horgmo actually broke his collarbone earlier this week while practicing on the course, and concerns about its overall safety led to American Olympian Shaun White to announce that he would pull out of the competition altogether (although some of his competitors voiced on Twitter that they felt White was merely scared of losing).

For those not sure of what slopestyle is, the description on the Sochi Olympics official website reads:

Athletes perform on a slope featuring various forms of obstacles (rails, quarterpipes, and jumps). The technical characteristics of the course are dictated by the rules of the International Ski Federation. The competition is formatted in an elimination system with semifinals and finals, with two runs in each round. The snowboarder with the best results wins.

Piece of cake.



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