By Brett Smiley
February 09, 2014

A Lovely Lady from Every Olympic Country

Well, almost every Olympic country: 81 of the 88 are represented here, with apologies to Andorra, Timor-Leste, Togo and Tonga, which I'm sure have plenty of lovely women but they are not easily accessible, so send tips. Also there's no representative above for Hong Kong which technically isn't its own country (although it still competes separately), Independent Olympic Participants (which is kind of sad), or the British Virgin Islands, who will have to share Hannah Davis with the U.S. Virgin Islands. We're leading off with Irina Shayk of host country Russia, followed by the remaining 80 in alphabetical order of country name. Lastly, here's Irina showing some Olympic spirit.

The Ashley Wagner Show

It's an Olympics round-up: U.S. figure skater Ashley Wagner has a great face for every occasion but particularly the goofy ones ... It's going to be interesting to see how bobsledder Johnny Quinn's hotel bill for liabilities plays out ... The Norway curling team somehow raised the fashion bar higher ... If you write it, people will call ... Turns out the dude leisurely knitting a scarf atop the slopestyle course was Finland's coach ... All about the U.S. slopestyle sweep ... Bob Costas' acknowledgement of his 'Fortress of Solitude' makes it only a little less amusing ... Next time you don't feel like wearing a helmet, return to this page ... No, someone named Boris Avdeyev has not been sacrificed for screwing up the fifth ring during the opening ceremonies ... yet.

The Time Rich Pitino Attended a Game With a Chicken ...  

... who happens to be his son.

Cheerleader of the Week

Today we get to know Brittany of Northeastern's dance team:

My celebrity crush: "Justin Timberlake…beautiful voice, awesome dancer, and ridiculously sexy…need I say more?"

My friends would be surprised to know that: "I am a cancer survivor and am working towards a career in Pediatric hematology and oncology."

If I had to watch one movie or TV Show over and over and over again: "Friends. I have every season on DVD and could watch each episode about a million times without getting bored."

Click here for more of Brittany.

The Olympics Are Hard

Had to parse this one out from the round-up because, well, because Norwegian speedskater Håvard Bøkko is a genius.

You Shall Not Dunk

It's the enduring lesson of Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes.

The Zimmerman-DMX Celebrity Boxing Match Is No More

The promoter stepped away amid the backlash.

Odds & Ends

Check out Mustard favorites from the week that bridged the Super Bowl to the Olympics ...  Ugly incident between OK State's Marcus Smart and a fan, and here's some Twitter reaction ... Runner remarks how snow makes perfect running conditions, then proves it does not ... Monster slam by UCF's Victor Rudd  ... 5 (FIVE) goals in first 20 minutes between Liverpool and Arsenal ... Tom Brady is so bad at high-fives ... Nobody gets more jacked up than this Iowa cheerleader ... Penguins in England are getting antidepressants to curb the infinite weather sadness.

Good Luck on Gay Mountain

Not safe for Russia. [H/T Stephen Douglas]

Steven Seagal, Security Expert

If you like surreal interviews and stories riddled with movie references, then this post is for you. [H/T Deadspin]

"What Does Skip Say?"

The U.S. Women's curling team spoofed the song "What Does the Fox Say?"


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