By Dan Treadway
February 10, 2014

Lachlan Forsyth, a New Zealand cricket reporter, apparently decided he needed to raise the stakes as his country's cricket team faced off against heavily-favored India:

Sure enough, New Zealand would hold on to win the Test -- their first victory over India in 12 years -- and Forsyth confirmed that he would pay up in the bet he made against... himself?

Forsyth described the fruits as "insanity peppers," which as far as I know, only exist in The Simpsons universe, but regardless, it seems that these were hot peppers.

The final result was one of the worst (and in a certain way, best) interviews I've ever watched.

As an aside: If you enjoyed this, you'll likely get a kick out of Hot Pepper Gaming, a Youtube channel in which reviewers eat a pepper before giving their take on a video game.


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