An "NBA Live 14" Patch Includes Much-Needed Graphics Update and Solo Practice Mode

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When NBA Live14 was released last year, reviews made it sound like the video game version of the Sochi Olympics: Problemsabounded. Eventually apologies were made, along with a promise to get better. EA is continuing to make good on its word, recently pushing out its second—and certainly not final—patch, one that smooths out the game's visuals and expands its play mode library.

The most promising addition is a new practice game type titled "Shootaround." It allows gamers to take any player to an empty gym in order to practice movement, ball handling, shooting and the other nuts and bolts of NBA Live. Prior to the patch, players had no choice but to "practice" against other players, so shootaround comes as a godsend for those looking to learn the game.

Arguably just as important is a major overhaul to the game's visuals—most notably the improved and polished animations and effects. Lighting and character models have been spruced up so as to be on par with beloved sports titles like FIFA and, more pertinently, NBA 2K, which should help to bring Live out of its awkward phase.