By Andy Gray
February 12, 2014

Bill Russell Turns 80

Legendary Celtics center Bill Russell once said, "Winning that’s joyless is like eating in a four-star restaurant when you’re not hungry." If anyone should speak about winning, it's Russell. The Celtics center won two NCAA championships at San Francisco and then led Boston to 11 titles in his 13-year NBA career. Today is Russell's 80th birthday and SI put together this collection of his best photos for the occasion. I cherry-picked my favorites for the gallery above.

Star Wars + Olympics Moguls = Success

This mashup has overtaken Bob Costas' eye as the best thing about the Olympics.

This Is Not Costco

I don't think Seahawks lineman Michael Bennett is taking a hometown discount.

Lovely Lady Q&A

Tyler Suess, who was just named Hooters Girl of the Year 2014, took a few minutes to discuss Chicago sports, her favorite SI Swimsuit model and misconceptions about being a Hooters Girl.

Hot Clicks: Congrats on the big honor. When did you start working at Hooters?

Tyler Suess: I started as a Hooters Girl in 2006. I always did local swimsuit pageants, which are preliminaries to get to the international swimsuit pageant. It took me five years to get to the international pageant.

Hot Clicks: What was your family's reaction to your victory?

Tyler Suess: My family is so awesome. They support everything I do. My grandma started crying.

Hot Clicks: I heard you're really into blackjack, how'd that come about?

Tyler Suess: My grandma taught me when I was little. We used to spend a lot of time together because my mom worked a lot. I knew how to play but was afraid to play at a table with dealers. So I was doing an event for Tropic Beauty and all the contestants and models had a blackjack tournament. After that I was hooked. It's just so much fun.

Hot Clicks: What's the most you've won at one time?

Tyler Suess: I won $10,000 one night at a casino. It was a really good night.

Hot Clicks: What's your favorite Chicago sports team?

Tyler Suess: I love the Blackhawks. And I love the lovable losers, the Cubs. I'm also a huge Packers fan. I'm everything Chicago except football.

Hot Clicks: Were you working at Hooters when the Blackhawks won the Cup last year?

Tyler Suess: Yes I was. It was nuts. The entire restaurant was in an uproar and it was great.

Hot Clicks: Are there any athletes you'd like to meet now that you're a celebrity?

Tyler Suess: Aaron Rodgers. That's my guy.

Hot Clicks: You know there were a lot of rumors going around late last season that he's gay. He had to go public saying it wasn't true.

Tyler Suess: People are so jealous and such haters. I don't believe it.

Hot Clicks: The new SI Swimsuit issue comes out next week. Are there any models you're looking forward to seeing in it?

Tyler Suess: I love Nina Agdal. I do hosting for Bikini Team TV, and she's just so sweet and always takes time for me. She's my favorite. I would die for a spot in the swimsuit issue. That and Victoria's Secret are the pinnacle.

Hot Clicks: Are there any misconceptions or things you want to clear up about Hooters? Obviously most people think of girls in tiny outfits.

Tyler Suess: People keep very closed minds. Working at Hooters is like working at any other restaurant, but we just have more fun with it. And we do a ton of charity work. There's a breast cancer fund, a Toys for Tots drive and a bunch of other stuff. A friend of mine was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and we had a fundraiser in our region. Hooters matched, dollar-for-dollar, every penny we raised. There's also HOOCEF , which stands for Hooters Community Endowment Fund, that raises money for local and national charities. We do a ton, but people overlook that because they see orange shorts. Most girls, especially teenage girls lately, wear less than what we wear in the store.

This Is How You Propose

Congrats to Ray pitcher Alex Cobb, who enlisted a dolphin from Orlando’s Discovery Cove to help pop the question.

Shaun White Is A Good Guy

Mike Wise of The Washington Post has a good piece on Shaun White meeting two cancer survivors after his disappointing run yesterday.

Odds and Ends

Daniel Bryan did a great Richard Sherman impression during an interview on the NFL Network ... Pete Carroll is a "white-haired party animal," according to Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith ... Tinder is a big hookup tool for athletes in Sochi ... Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy is doing great work with stray pups in Sochi ... Justine Dufour-Lapointe is very photogenic ... Syracuse is selling about 1/10th of a shoelace worth of net for $75.

Buzzer-Beater of the Year

Evergreen High School in Vancouver beats rival Camas on this ridiculous shot. (HT MaxPreps)

Tar Heel Heroes

Members of the UNC basketball team give a 12-year old suffering from Emery-Driefuss muscular dystrophy a day he'll never forget.

Safety In Paradise

SI Swimsuit models Chrissy Teigen, Hannah Davis, Jess Gomes and Hot Clicks fave Ariel Meredith join Christie Brinkley  to make a safety video for Air New Zealand.

Get To Know Bill Murray

Bill Murray doesn't do many  interviews, but he sat down for an extended one-on-one with Charlie Rose earlier this week.

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