By Andy Gray
February 13, 2014

Remembering The Captain

"So fatigued and dispirited was Yankees righthander David Cone as he walked off the mound in Game 5 of the 1995 American League Division Series in Seattle that for the next week he would seldom leave his New York apartment and he could not raise his right arm enough to even comb his air. Cone threw 147 pitches -- still the most in any LDS game -- the last of which resulted in a bases-loaded walk that tied a game the Yankees would lose. What happened when a forlorn Cone reached the dugout provided a subtle hint of what the next two decades in baseball would look like. The first one to get off the bench to console and congratulate him was a 21-year-old kid who wasn't even on the active roster: Derek Jeter."

That anecdote comes from SI's Tom Verducci, who wrote a great piece about Derek Jeter after the Yankees captain announced that he will retire after this season, his 20th in pinstripes. The Great Lakes Guru blog has a great collection of Jeter's high school photos, while I put together some of my favorite shots for the gallery above.

The Night in Buzzer-Beaters

What a night for basketball fans. In Golden State, Steph Curry hit a difficult go-ahead layup with 14 seconds left, which was enough time for LeBron James to win the game on a last-second three-pointer. In Houston, James Harden drove by a sleepy Wizards defense for a game-winning layup. The shot of the night, however, belongs to Syracuse freshman Tyler Ennis, who kept the Orange's undefeated season alive with a game-winning three from just past midcourt to beat Pitt.

Hockey Players Are The Best

Montreal's Brandon Prust and George Parros are spending their Olympics hiatus together in Barbados, where they re-enacted the most romantic scene in movie history. I'd make fun of them but it's George Parros and Brandon Prust, both of whom could destroy me without breaking a sweat.

Lovely Lady Of The Day has posted a new gallery of Australian model Stacy Gray (no relation) and I'm wondering why I've never heard of her before.

Pierre the Pelican, 2.0

The Pelicans unveiled the new and improved mascot Pierre, just in time for All-Star weekend.

More Olympic Twerking

U.S. luger Erin Hamlin made history this week after becoming the first American to win an individual medal for luge at the Olympics. Her teammate, Kate Hansen, blessed the medal by twerking with it. Consider it blessed. 

SI Vault Photo of the Day

Reggie White (1993) :: SI Reggie White (1993) :: SI

Members of the Finland men's ice hockey team took advantage of the nice weather in Sochi and rode their bicycles to their game against Austria earlier today. The late Reggie White would've been proud. For more vintage sports photos, follow the SI Vault on Twitter. While you’re at it, follow my personal Twitter account (it’s the first place I post Clicks every day, which is valuable for giveaways) as well as Extra Mustard.

Odds and Ends

Matt Bonner puts on a wicked good Boston accent as he tours his home state of New Hampshire ... Ed Reed had $50,000 stolen out of the front seat of his car ... The outfits worn by the U.S. Olympic team during the opening ceremony are flying off the shelves ... The Terrell Owens divorce saga took a sad turn ... Why Olympic mascots are so creepy ... Ski jumping is terrifying, especially after seeing this photo ... The Lego movie stole a joke from Jerry Seinfeld.

Mavs Music Mix

The Mavericks sing their favorite songs and it's nothing short of incredible. Dirk Nowitzki KILLS it on Bob Marley's Could You Be Loved.

Derek Jeter's At-Bat Songs

The Yankees legend reviews potential at-bat songs during an August 2013 appearance with Jimmy Fallon.

Luge-Loving Parrot

Cayenne, a Red Lored Amazon, cheering the sliders at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games on TV. (HT Fark)

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