By Michael Blinn
February 18, 2014

Ice Hockey - Winter Olympics Day 5 - Canada v United States

It's no secret that Olympic athletes have been known to go looking for "love" while at the Games -- one of the biggest stories out the Sochi Olympic Village has been the use of dating app Tinder by competitors.

Some athletes, however, haven't found the need to download fancy software to find their one-and-only someone. Take U.S. women's hockey player Kelli Stack, for instance. with some time before her team's showdown with rival Canada for the gold medal, Stack took to Twitter and began retweeting a bevy of marriage proposals she's received while at the games:

While Stack, a 2011 graduate of Boston College and forward on the CWHL's Boston Blades, has her pick of suitors, it's pretty clear which one she should at least start off with:

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