Stephen Harper Bragged After Canada's Victory, Rob Ford was... Very Well-Behaved

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via Getty Images

via Getty Images

Prior to Canada and the U.S. facing off in the women's hockey finals and men's hockey semi-finals at the Olympics, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama decided to make a friendly wager:

Well, two victories later, Stephen Harper was back on Twitter and he was ready to collect:

As of now, the interns who run Barack Obama's Twitter account have not replied.

In related news, Canada's Globe and Mail caught up with Toronto mayor Rob Ford as he was leaving a sports bar following Canada's big win on Friday and he was quite well-behaved actually:

Granted he was skipping out on work to go to a bar in the middle of the day to watch a hockey game, but in Canada it would probably be more controversial if he didn't do that.

But still, it's worth reliving Ford's hilarious leaps for joy following the women's team's victory yesterday:

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