By Andy Gray
February 25, 2014

He's Back, Brother

Hulk Hogan :: Courtesy of WWE Hulk Hogan :: Courtesy of WWE

I'm back from SI Swimsuit launch week in Miami -- thank you to Brett Smiley for taking over while I was gone. I'll have more on the Miami excursion in PM Clicks. Meanwhile, the legendary Hulk Hogan returned to the ring last night to promote the launch of the WWE Network (also known as porn for pro wrestling fans). The Camel Clutch Blog looks back at Hogan's top WWF feuds, while Brandon Stroud discusses the comeback.

Who You Gonna Call?

The FDNY Hook & Ladder 8, better known as The Ghostbusters House, paid tribute to the late Harold Ramis today.

This Has My Support

Please sign this White House Petition to declare MLB's Opening Day an official national holiday.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

January Jones posted this great awkward photo of herself at age 9. She has clearly grown into her looks since then.

Mascot Updates

With Mardi Gras a week away, the New Orleans Pelicans unleashed King Baby Cake during last night's game. Not to be outdone, Bradley introduced its new mascot, Kaboom!

Only in Vegas

The ECHL's Las Vegas Ramblers will play their home games on the roof of the Plaza Hotel and Casino for the next five years.

From the SI Vault

Celtics and 76ers (1985) :: Heinz Kluetmeier/SI Celtics and 76ers (1985) :: Heinz Kluetmeier/SI

Several people emailed me this photo of a Sixers fan passed out in the front row during last night's game and it's hard to blame him. The Sixers lost by 20, at home, to the Bucks (a.k.a. - the NBA's worst team). So for all the ailing Philly fans out there, I present a young Charles Barkley gliding past Larry Bird on his way to the hoop.

Odds and Ends

This kid's Air Jordan haircut did not end well ... J.R. Smith tried to pull down Vince Carter's headband during last night's game ... Jazz rookie Rudy Gobert fell for the old "popcorn in the SUV" gag ... Players on the Heat don't want Danny Granger to join their team ... A spelling bee ran out of words ... The Walking Dead clobbered the Olympics in ratings.

Mortgage Refinancing With Sage Kotsenburg

The gold medal winning snowboarder shows off his acting chops on Conan.

The Seth Myers Era Begins

The SNL star debuted his new late night talk show last night and welcomed Amy Poehler as his first guest.

Andre the Giant Challenges Hulk Hogan

A classic interview from 1979.

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