By Andy Gray
February 26, 2014

Charles Barkley In College

Auburn's War Eagle Reader uncovered this great video of Charles Barkley in college discussing his favorite nicknames including "Sir Loin", "Boy Gorge", "The Round Mound of Rebound" and (my personal favorite), "The Leaning Tower of Pizza." SI's Alexander Wolff visited Auburn in March 1984 to profile Barkley and his improbable rise to stardom:

"In three seasons Barkley has become a mythic figure in the SEC—larger than life and just about everything else. At Tennessee, someone dressed as a Domino's Pizza deliveryman approached Barkley in the pregame layup line to take his order. Kentucky forward Winston Bennett calls Barkley 'a cartoon character.' Says Auburn assistant coach Mack McCarthy, 'He loves LSU fans best of all because they're so nasty.'

The preferred epithet in Baton Rouge is Fat Boy. But you could construct a thesaurus entry of the nicknames Barkley has inspired in his travels: Bread Truck, the Love Boat, Food World, the Crisco Kid, the Wide Load from Leeds, Ton of Fun, the Leaning Tower of Pizza, the Goodtime Blimp and the prevailing Round Mound of Rebound are just a few. 'He's my favorite player in college basketball,'says Oklahoma's Wayman Tisdale, who played withBarkley at the Sports Festival. 'I call him the Eighth Wonder of the World.'"

Texas Rangers Go To The Bathroom

Can't think of a better place for official player photos.

Michael Jordan, Trash Talk Extrordinaire

Michael Jordan is known for talking trash on the basketball court but it also extends off the hardwood. Golfer Ian Poulter debuted his Sirius/XM show this week and told a story about MJ trying to psych him out during the 2012 Ryder Cup. Jordan served as advisor to the U.S. team that year.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Lea Michele has a new photo shoot out for V Magazine ... A video tribute to Kate Upton and her bikinis ... The day's best supermodel selfies ... Kat Dennings nearly busted out of her dress during a visit to David Letterman on Tuesday.

Johnny Manziel Fan Club

I can say with confidence that former LLOD Lauren Hanley is a member of the Johnny Manziel Fan Club and may even be dating the former Aggies quarterback. One person who isn't a fan is former Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer, who called Manziel "an arrogant little pr**k" during an appearance on on CBS Sports Radio in St. Louis Wednesday morning. Switzer then removed his pants, grabbed a beer and laughed maniacally. 

Quote of the Day

"I think if Geno Smith were in this draft class, he'd be the number one (QB)"

-Phil Simms on Mad Dog Sports Radio. Smith finished last season with 12 touchdowns, 21 interceptions and a 55.8 completion percentage.

Alabama Pride (just not in library)

The staff at Alabama's Gorgas Library would prefer you do not yell "Roll Tide" in their facility.

Odds and Ends

Here's a great Vine of Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz and his hair ... Michigan State football coach Mark Dantonio signed a six-year extension worth $3.64 million a season ... College basketball mascot makeovers ... The Diet Coke Slurpee has arrived ... White Sox slugger Adam Dunn has been invited to The Academy Awards for Dallas Buyers Club, in which he was an investor.

Take That, Dwight

Dwight Howard plays 1-on-1 against a little kid, rejects him and then gets taken to school on the next play.

Charles Barkley Auburn Highlights

You've seen the photos. Now watch Sir Charles in action at Auburn.

Before They Were Stars

A look at this year's Oscar nominees in their earliest roles (HT Uproxx)

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