FedEx Seemingly Loses a 49ers Super Bowl Game Jersey

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(Via CBS Local 21 Harrisburg)

(Via CBS Local 21 Harrisburg)

FedEx has lost track of the Super Bowl XLVII game jersey of Nate Stupar, a linebacker who is now with the Jaguars, but was on the roster for the 2012 NFC Champion 49ers.

Stupor had his game jersey, as well as another jersey from his time with the Eagles, framed near his hometown in Pennsylvania, and shipped to his parents, just 86 miles away. From there, the package seemingly went off the radar:

[W]hen the items never showed up and Stadium Studio tried to check with FedEx, the status of the package went from ‘refused by recipient’ to ‘damaged’ and ‘unable to deliver’.  At one point, Stadium Studio was even told the package was thrown away because the contents were damaged..

FedEx has rejected a claim that the jerseys were worth around $2,000, but Stupar told Harrisburg's CBS-21 news, 'I just want them back. I mean, money can't replace a Super Bowl jersey."

Meanwhile, front and center on Fed Ex's website is an ad for shipping football memorabilia.





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