Kobe Bryant Apparently Unfollowed All of His Lakers Teammates on Twitter

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CORRECTION: Bryant enacted a new following system in January that involved unfollowing everyone on his list. We regret the error.

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Kobe Bryant has a pretty staunch social media policy that dictates he won't follow players that don't help the Lakers, at least this was his rationale when he unfollowed former teammate Dwight Howard last summer shortly after the center signed with the Rockets:

And thus, perhaps this was his motivation for, according to the tweet above from Jeff Weiss, unfollowing his current Lakers teammates, who certainly haven't been helping the franchise out much this year. The squad has only mustered a record of 19-39 on the season, which is good enough for dead last in the Western Conference.

If he was attempting to pull off the most passive aggressive motivational tactic possible, then he knocked this one out of the park.