By Brendan Maloy
February 28, 2014

(AFP/Getty Images) (AFP/Getty Images)

Russia is still riding high off of their Olympic medal count win at the Sochi games, so they have given each medal winner a new Mercedes-Benz, in addition to $200,000, which comes out to about 7.2 million rubles.

The Moscow Times reports that, in the interest of meritocracy, gold, silver, and bronze medal winners were given different cars.

Russian athletes who won gold medals at the Sochi Winter Olympics have each been rewarded with a Mercedes GL-Class SUV worth $146,500.

Silver medalists were given the keys to Mercedes ML-Class, worth $99,500, and bronze medalists will take home a Mercedes GLK-Class, worth $59,500.

Two of the medalists--figure skaters Yulia Lipnitskaya, 15, and Adelina Sotnikova, 17--do not yet have their drivers licenses, but Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has provided them with drivers, all services paid for, according to the Macedonian International News Agency.


Moscow Times MINA

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