By Brett Smiley
March 07, 2014

Stanford alums Andrew Luck and Richard Sherman attended the Cardinal-Buffaloes men's basketball game the other day, where cameras spotted the highly-compensated quarterback using an antiquated flip phone. It's a Samsung flip -- same one he's been using for years -- the same one his service provider (AT&T) apparently stopped selling altogether. If they sell any flip phones at all anymore, they're relegated to a remote corner of a store for the technologically-impaired and Andrew Lucks of the world.

A couple years ago he said, "The phone gets the job done. It can text and make calls so I don't need anything beyond that."

I'm not even making fun of him -- I'm impressed. He's looking at the phone and smiling. He probably got a hilarious text message or low-resolution photo. No doubt his loyalty to ancient technology is for a lack of want of a smartphone. In an age when nearly 80% of NFL players go broke two years after retirement, there's Luck being frugal, getting serious mileage out of his flip phone.

Or he's a meth cook.


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