By Brett Smiley
March 07, 2014

Earlier this week, Hannibal-Lagrange University freshman volleyball player Trey Biggs suffered an absolutely brutal spike to the face from Cairn University Highlanders junior Ryan Garven. Biggs wasn't able to slow down the ball with his hands at all and the sound certainly reflects that. Straight shot to the face -- and it nearly lifted him off his feet. The obligatory GIF is below.

Also: What's up with number 16 at the bottom there, apparently upset about losing the point when his teammate nearly got decapitated by a ball traveling an estimated 50 miles-per-hour? I admire the competitiveness, but help a teammate out. The video ends with Biggs laying there like a corpse, but he said on Twitter that he's fine and seems to be laughing with us about the ridiculous dome shot.


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