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Justin Bieber Plays Basketball Like an Untalented Poser, Oddly Enough

Justin Bieber posted a video to Instagram of him using his advanced handles to put his manager Scooter on the ground during a game of one-on-one -- and somehow it was Bieber who emerged from the scene looking foolish.

Deadspin has already pointed out that this video is almost definitely staged, but do you think Bieber is in on it, or d0 his handlers just set up a series of events like this to keep Justin happy? Either option is deeply pathetic, but the concept of Biebs actually playing a part in the planning of this is simply too pathetic for my mind to comprehend.

This is also not the first time the world's most controversial pop star has shown off his athletic prowess on the Internet, as he previously posted another video of him mean mugging after making a layup earlier this year.

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