Hockey Fans Sue Arena for BEER FRAUD

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Idaho Steelheads hockey fans are suing Boise's CenturyLink Arena over allegations that the arena fraudulently sold $7 large beers that contained the same amount of beer as the $4 regular cups.

The plaintiffs took action only two days after Steelheads fan Gwen Gibbs posted the video above exposing the alleged beer fraud. Wrote the fans' attorney Wyatt Johnson in the lawsuit:

"While different shapes, both cup sizes hold substantially the same amount of liquid and are not large versus small in actual capacity.Defendants knowingly sold each of their beers in a similar manner at each event held at the arena where beer was sold for at least the last five years."

CenturyLink's president Eric Trapp responded in a statement:

“It was recently brought to our attention that the amount of beer that fits in our large (20-oz) cups also fits in our regular (16-oz) cups.  The differentiation in the size of the two cups is too small. To correct that problem, we’re purchasing new cups for the large beers that will hold 24 ounces, instead of 20, for the remainder of this season to provide better value to our fans. As we do every offseason, we’ll evaluate our entire concessions menu for next season over the summer.”

As the Idaho Statesman points out, there's still better value in the smaller beer: 48 ounces for $14 with two larges, or 48 ounces for three regulars at $12. But with the large, it's one less trip to the concession stand. So you're paying for the convenience of not having to balancing a third beer on your head.

The plaintiffs are seeking $10,000 in damages, or about 500 cases of Bud Light.

In all likelihood the case will settle, but we can still dream about a courtroom interrogation a la A Few Good Men in which Trapp boils over and explodes after Wyatt Johnson demands "DID YOU ORDER THE DECEPTIVE CUPS???"