Terrible Creighton Pass Leads to Craziest Assist of the Season

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Apparently this week marks the apex for inadvertent off-the-backboard three pointer assists. The other day a Michigan high school player nailed a buzzer-beating game winner with an off-balance heave that came to him via the backboard.

Last night, Creighton's Devin Brooks launched a fastball that flew way above the head of a wide open big man underneath the basket and ricocheted off the side of the backboard, all the way to the corner to teammate Austin Chatman, who seamlessly fielded it in the corner and drained an uncontested three. Before the shot, DePaul had just pulled back within 10 in the eventual 22-point loss. Some guys have all the luck, some guys get all the breaks, said Rod Stewart.

Here's another angle:

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