By Dan Treadway
March 25, 2014

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The majority of sports fans are reasonable people who have a lot of varying passions and interests. But there is a certain sect of sports fans for whom watching actual games is only but a small aspect of their dedication to a team. These are the people who spend a good chunk of their free time browsing message boards, positing theories and deconstructing the opinions of their fellow addic... er... fans. I've been a sports message board frequenter since I was in my teens, and it can get, well, pretty weird. The community aspect of these message boards often keeps people coming back on a daily basis, just for their own entertainment. For the most part, these people are never under the assumption that what they're doing is actually constructive... until now.

According to Rockets GM Daryl Morey, the time that fans spend theorizing player signings and trade scenarios isn't completely wasted.

This of course might not seem like a revelation for the majority of the public, most of whom live robust, fulfilling lives that don't involve sports message boards. But for the unfortunate few like myself who are members of the message board community, this is like our moon landing.

Morey might be taking a leap by speaking for all GMs as he happens to be particularly connected to the online community. This was evidenced by the enlightening and honest AMA he conducted on Reddit several months ago.

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