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Freerunner Does Backflip on 390-Foot Bridge

Have your Xanax readily accessible when you watch this video of English adventurer James Kingston scaling the Moscow Bridge in Kiev, because just watching it is enough to induce a panic attack. In this first episode of EpicTV's new series On The Edge, Kingston scales the 390-foot bridge, dangles a man off the side of it, and then surveys the unsuspecting Ukrainian citizens below. It is worth noting that these are all things a Bond villain might also do.

But all of that didn't seem dangerous enough, so Kingston did what any intrepid young urban explorer would do -- a backflip. On a 390 foot bridge pylon. Above a solid concrete roadway.

The audience is then finally allowed to exhale as Kingston and his friend Mustang Wanted climb back down the bridge, where they are apprehended by Ukrainian police, which, I don't know, ALSO SEEMS PRETTY DANGEROUS AND SCARY.

All of this begs the question: Why is it called the Moscow Bridge if it's in Kiev?

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