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This Flyer from Louisville's On-Campus Housing Department Will Inevitably Result in Couch Fires

via Reddit

via Reddit

Louisville's On-Campus Housing Department undoubtedly had good intentions by dispersing this flyer, which encourages students not to light couches on fire following the Cardinals Sweet Sixteen match up against rival Kentucky. But the more likely result is that they just sparked the imaginations of those who are predisposed to lighting things on fire as a form of celebration or disappointment.

As anyone who was in college might tell you, urging a large group of (if we're being honest, likely intoxicated) teenagers not to do a specific thing isn't really a foolproof way to ensure that said thing won't happen. It's somewhat doubtful that a person with the desire to light a couch on fire would see this sign and think, "Well, I'm going to sit down and reconsider my previously well-thought out plan to light a couch on fire after the conclusion of the Louisville game."

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