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Ketchup on Your Mustard: Week of 3/28


A man can't Mustard forever.


1. Dayton coach Archie Miller’s wife, Morgan, wears a shirt that we can all support

2. Eleven Things You Might Not Know About the University of Dayton

3. ‘E’ Broke His Leg on the Set of the Entourage Movie While Trying to Catch a Russell Wilson Pass

4. UNC Athlete Writes the Worst Term Paper in History, Gets an A-

5. The Penguins #AskNeal Hashtag Backfired Horribly


1. A Power Ranking of 12 Unnecessarily Gas-Powered Objects

2. Nuggets Star Ty Lawson Gives Tips on How to Cut Down a Basketball Net

3. Can the Board Game ‘Risk’ Predict the NCAA Tournament Better Than the Experts?

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4. Seven Awkward Bobblehead Days that Happened after the Player Was Traded

5. How Buster Posey, Brandon Phillips, and Other Players Help Shape “MLB: The Show”


This being my final day at Extra Mustard, I finally did something that deserved to be done long ago: Post Samer's article about strange gas-powered objects. Seeing that glorious article at long last on the site sent me into a reverie about beloved posts of months past, so I spent some time putting together a top five from my tenure with SI.

(Not included are the Extra Mustard Shorts we produced over the past year, which are equal parts sublime and stupid. Geico, many thanks for your patronage.)

In no particular order:

- Watch an Angry Female Alabama Fan Jump an OU Student in the Sugar Bowl Stands (Not a whole lot of actual reporting got done by the Extra Mustard crew. It tickles me that one occasion on which we flexed that journalism muscle was the flying attack of a crazed Alabama mom.)

- It’s Not In the Game: Eight Features the NFL Made EA Sports Remove from “Madden” (Great reporting by Jon Robinson)

- Tinder Dates, Drake Retweets, and Sex Offenses: Seven Streakers Share Their Stories (Great reporting by Chris Johnson)

- What’s In the Water In Louisville? Not a GD Thing (From a stupid post motivated by wordplay to an illuminating look at Louisville's award-winning water, with a quote from Pops to boot)

We Asked Nine Women To Assess Sepp Blatter’s Physical Appearance. They Obliged. (My everything)

I'm also a big fan of Which Superhero Would Be Best at Baseball? A Scientific Study, but I don't want to give Sam Page the satisfaction of seeing it in the top five.

May the Mustard ever flow freely, and follow me on Twitter or whatever.