By Sam Page
April 01, 2014

NCAA University of Virginia Sweet Sixteen Practice

According to the NY Post, one unnamed "Ivy League track star" recently used his speed to apprehend an alleged ticket counterfeiter outside the Sweet Sixteen games at Madison Square Garden.

Unfortunately, he did not exactly run to the box office to check the tickets' authenticity, then very quickly run back to grab the man who sold them to him. The dude's a Columbia track runner, not the Flash. It also took that Ivy League ingenuity to grab the alleged scammer:

They still had the hustler’s number, so the friend called the seller and pretended that he wanted more tickets. When the alleged crook arrived at a meeting place, the track star confronted him and demanded his money back.

“He just thought I was some other random customer at first, and he didn’t even recognize me,” the student said.

“Then, I pulled out the tickets he scammed me with.

The seller reached into his pocket as if he was retrieving the man’s money but then turned and fled.

The race lasted 17 blocks, ending only after a bystander was allegedly bitten by the same man. Considering the Columbia runner is a finance major who had just made a bad ticket deal, it's a good thing one of his collegiate pursuits paid off.


NY Post Gothamist

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