By Dan Treadway
April 01, 2014

The cross-section of people who watch Olbermann and are fans of the regrettably short-lived Emmy Award-winning show Sports Night were given a treat Friday night when Josh Charles reprised his role of Dan Rydell on air. Josh Charles, who just left the cast of The Good Wife (side note: I don't watch this show or know anyone who does, is it worth picking up?), sat next to Keith as he delivered the day's sports news in a confident ease that will make fans of Sports Night wax nostalgic. At the very least seeing Dan Rydell, a character written by Aaron Sorkin, appear next to Keith Olbermann, a character who could plausibly be written by Aaron Sorkin, was somewhat fascinating. According to Sorkin, the show was inspired by Olbermann and Dan Patrick's time as SportsCenter anchors.

Regrettably, the show is no longer streaming on Netflix, but it is available to purchase online from a few streaming sites.



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