By Brendan Maloy
April 03, 2014

(via @darrenrovell/twitter) (via @darrenrovell/twitter)

The Arizona Diamondbacks are having trouble keeping up with the demand for their new D-bat corn dog, an 18-inch long corn dog stuffed with cheese, bacon, and jalapenos.

Arizona says they moved 300 of the $25 behemoths on opening day and now they only have enough left to make 100 per game for the rest of their opening home stand.

Diamondbacks president Derrick Hall told ESPN that the team will use their upcoming road trip to stock up on the necessary provisions and possibly make the D-bat available in more than two of the stadiums concession stands.

Reports say that fans are waiting over an hour to get their hands on the D-Backs newest offering since the food item premiered earlier this week.'s Adam Green gave the dog a try and lived to tell the tale (at least for now, heart disease takes some time):



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