By Dan Treadway
April 10, 2014

Earlier this week, Fox News host Heather Childers became the subject of ridicule for declaring the UConn Huskies the "NAACP" national champs. Although Childers immediately corrected herself, the damage was already done (the fact that SNL had made a similar joke while parodying Fox News two days earlier certainly didn't help things).

Well, not to be outdone, Ronan Farrow of MSNBC took to the air today and accidentally introduced Ben Jealous as the former head of the NCAA, rather than the NAACP. Like Childers, Farrow also immediately corrected himself.

Maybe these slips are subconscious and a symptom of something more troubling... or maybe anchoring live television is a difficult job and those two acronyms happen to be quite popular and also happen to sound quite similar so in the heat of the moment they're easy to mix up, especially if the person doing so doesn't happen to report on sports that often. Draw your own conclusions, I suppose.


Awful Announcing

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