By Alex Suskind
April 11, 2014

The movie Draft Day is one long commercial for the NFL. There are real NFL players, real NFL fans, real NFL commentators, and even a real NFL commissioner, with Roger Goodell popping up for some serious screen time at the NFL Draft. While that synergy might make you wary, the film is in fact pretty damn entertaining. If you’re a football fan you are going to eat this movie up, despite some of its rather unrealistic scenarios (i.e. the lack of curse words among team executives and players).

The film stars Kevin Costner as a no-nonsense Cleveland Browns GM named Sonny Weaver Jr. It’s, yes, draft day, and Weaver Jr. is looking to make a trade for the No. 1 pick to both change the organization’s losing ways and keep his job. The movie co-stars Jennifer Garner as Ali, a Browns executive and Kevin Costner love interest; Denis Leary as Vince Penn, the team’s coach; and Frank Langella as Harvey Molina, the team’s owner. Even P. Diddy makes an appearance as a fast-talking sports agent.

What else can you expect going into Draft Day? Let’s find out with a by-the-numbers, no-spoilers guide to the NFL-sponsored flick.

Draft Day Infographic

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