By Josh Sanchez
April 12, 2014

Photo Credit: Twitter (@RFAfighting) Photo Credit: Twitter (@RFAfighting)

Matt Manzanares and Junior Maranhao stepped into the Resurrection Fighting Alliance cage on Friday night for the vacant flyweight title. But midway through the match, a bizarre incident occurred.

Prior to the end of the fourth round, Maranhao was caught in a choke hold and barely escaped. However, during the break, he collapsed off his stool and blacked out.

In most cases, the fight would be over, but Maranhao's cornermen quickly woke him up and dragged him back to his stool.

The referee didn't seem to notice, his cornermen ignored it, and even the doctor showed gross negligence by failing to give a thorough evaluation. Instead of looking into Maranhao's eyes, the doctor asked his corner if he was okay to continue and got a simple, "Yup, we're good" before walking away.

Here is a GIF of the moment from FanSided's Zombie Prophet:


The Wyoming State Board of Mixed Martial Arts was overseeing the event, and if there is any real concern for fighter safety we should see the corner, doc and referee all lose their licenses.


Bloody Elbow

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