By Brendan Maloy
April 24, 2014

Jose Canseco and Shaq have a long-standing Twitter feud, which had involved multiple challenges by both men to fight in the Octagon. Shaq accepted one of Jose's recent requests, on the condition that Canseco match his $10 million purse. Since this happened on Inside The NBA, this all quickly devolved into Charles Barkley and Shaq grappling on front of the desk, followed by Barkley putting Kenny Smith in a headlock.

Is this MMA? It doesn't look like MMA. Is this MMA? It doesn't look like MMA.

If these two were to ever fight, you would have to give the edge to O'Neal, a fighter so potent he has his own style of martial arts, right?

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And don't forget, if Shaq fought Canseco, he'd have Barkley on his side. But Sir Charles did defeat Godzilla, which is an impressive victory on any fighter's resume.


Inside The NBA

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