April 26, 2014

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Chicago White Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson is a bit of an acquired taste. Known for his over-the-top, blatant homerism, Harrelson (now in his 21st season with the White Sox broadcast team) often irritates many beyond the Southside. However, on Thursday's episode of High Heat with Christopher Russo, he had the masses rolling thanks to a rather odd admission.

A nine-year veteran, Harrelson nearly came home with Major League Baseball's elusive Triple Crown award in 1968, but told Russo he wasn't able to complete the impressive trifecta of batting, home run and RBI crowns due to hemorrhoids.

Yep. Hemorrhoids.

Harrelson finished first in the American League's RBI chase, but third in home runs and ninth in batting average (he went into the final month of the season leading the batting average race and trailing in home runs by four).

Eventually, Hawk's play subsided and he had to miss a handful of games due to the "injury," ending his chances at baseball immortality. [Awful Announcing]

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