By Alex Suskind
April 27, 2014

Columbus Crew player -- and local Papa John's endorser -- Dominic Oduro loves pizza so much that he is willing to shave a giant slice into the side of his head.

The hairdo is part of a promotional push for the pizza chain. As Bleacher Report notes, this isn't the first pizza-related stunt Oduro has pulled. Back in 2013, the striker made headlines by taking a bite of pizza after scoring a goal. He also shot a video delivering pies to locals.

Here are a few ideas for Oduro's next pizza promotion:

  1. Pizza tattoo on face
  2. Shoot pizza slices into stands via t-shirt gun
  3. Staple pepperoni slices to soccer ball
  4. Drink Papa John's tomato sauce instead of Gatorade.

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