By Andy Gray
April 28, 2014

America the Beautiful

NASCAR Fans :: @caroline1015/Instagram NASCAR Fans :: @caroline1015/Instagram

I know. It's Monday, the weekend is five days away and the last thing you want to do is work. Hopefully a NASCAR fan with the American flag carved out of his chest hair can put a smile on your face.

BFF Alert

Spike Lee and Jim Carey got awkwardly close while attending yesterday's Rangers-Flyers game.

Mets vs. New York Post Writer

After Bartolo Colon threw seven strong innings in the Mets' 4-1 victory over the Cardinals on Thursday, New York Post writer Mike Puma wrote this about the portly pitcher: "If the umpires searched Bartolo Colon’s neck for a foreign substance on Thursday, chances are they only would have found peanut butter." I thought it was pretty funny but the Mets did not. They refused to speak to any reporters Friday until Puma left the clubhouse 

Lovely Lady Of The Day

The Other Woman was the top-grossing movie of the weekend, thanks in no small part to the presence of Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. Another reason for its success may be the presence of Brittany Binger, who stretched her acting chops to play the role of "Hot Girl" in the hit movie. Brittany earns today's LLOD honors. 

Hot Clicks Giveaway

The Stanley Cup playoffs are underway and our friends at NBC Sports teamed up with award-winning chef Thomas Keller and Bouchon Bakery to create limited edition “Puck Cakes,” which are a special variation of their popular MallowMore treat. I will send puck cakes to the 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th people who email me ( the name of the celebrity Miss Supercross wants to have a kissing scene with. She revealed this nugget in Friday's P.M. Clicks. I'll only accept one email per person and please make the subject line Puck Cakes.

Update: 10:54 a.m. - Contest is over. Winners have been notified. More giveaways to come. Stay tuned.

Politics and Hockey

New Hampshire Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen tweeted out a message congratulating the Bruins on their first-round victory over the Red Wings. For some reason, the tweet really angered whoever runs the New Hampshire GOP Twitter account.

RIP Dr. Jack

Jack Ramsay :: Getty Images Jack Ramsay :: Getty Images

Sad to hear about the death of legendary coach Dr. Jack Ramsay, who led Portland to the 1977 NBA Championship. SI's John Papanek profiled Ramsay in late 1982, where he dragged the coach to one Portland's nicest restaurants:

"Ramsay is certainly more comfortable pedaling his bicycle the 110 miles from Portland to the Pacific, or swimming miles in the Atlantic off his summer home on the New Jersey shore, or kneeling on the sidelines orchestrating another Trail Blazers game than he is sitting here in his debonair restaurant rags with people watching him nibbling salmon pâté, spooning oyster bisque and sipping an Oregon chablis -- Buy Oregon is a seriously taken commandment nowadays in that economically depressed state. That's because Ramsay's image is something of a sham. In his life the dominating aroma is, and always has been, sweat.

It is the night before training camp -- Parris Island for Ramsay's players, but a beautiful time for him: springtime, when the basketball flowers bloom, when a discordant bunch of jammers becomes, ideally, a symphony orchestra tuned to a single discipline, Ramsay's discipline. At this moment the 1982-83 Trail Blazers are undefeated and anything is possible."

Odds and Ends

Martial arts expert (and country singer) Willie Nelson, who turns 81 on Tuesday, will receive a fifth-degree black belt ... Dominic Oduro of the Columbus Crew got a slice of pizza shaved into his head ... Despite the rule change, Calvin Johnson still plans to dunk the football after scoring a touchdown ... Carmelo Anthony has taken up shark fishing as he spends the first postseason of his career watching instead of playing ...  Donald Sterling isn't the first owner to create an uproar, but he's certainly at the top of the list ... Fox Sports 1's Crowd Goes Wild has been cancelled ... The Big Lebowski-fest took place in Los Angeles over the weekend ... Nissan now has a car that cleans itself.


Dream Come True

After a weekend overshadowed by the ugly side of sports, take a second to watch the next two videos. In the first one, Canaan Sandy, a 31-year-old Razorbacks fan with Down Syndrome, runs for a touchdown during the team's spring game.

Dream Come True, Part 2

Another great moment from a spring game: Kansas State fan Kaiden Schroeder, who is suffering from cancer, scores on a 30-yard touchdown run.

Catch of the Season?

Still not sure how Orioles outfielder David Lough made this play.

[mlbvideo id="32433257" width="600" height="336" /]

Redemption for Vince Carter

As YouTuber MaxaMillion711 points out in this awesome video, Vince Carter's game-winning shot on Saturday is from the same exact spot on the floor where he missed a game-winner 11 years earlier as a member of the Raptors.

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