By Dan Treadway
April 30, 2014

[Some NSFW content and language in the clip above]

A fight broke out in the stands during game 6 of the Rangers/Flyers series on Tuesday night, because of course a fight broke out in the stands during game 6 of a Rangers/Flyers series.

The skirmish reportedly began in the waning moments of the Flyers 5-2 victory over the Rangers to force a game 7. According to Deadspin, "it was started by a couple of Rangers fans' taunts which got out of control, despite the ushers' attempts to quell things." That sounds about right.

A Fond Farewell to the Charlotte Bobcats, Who Will Soon No Longer Be the Bobcats

The New York Daily News reported that a pair of unnamed security guards were overhead talking about amount of blood on an “idiot Flyers fan’s face” -- which honestly doesn't sounds like something security guards at a game in Philadelphia would be inclined to say.

This isn't the first drunk fight to occur in the stands between rival fans, and it almost definitely won't be the last. We could sit here and admonish the behavior, but I'm guessing that the next pair of drunk fans who feel inclined to start bashing each other's heads in during a game will be more influenced by alcohol than the negative reaction of the general public.


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