By Brendan Maloy
April 30, 2014

(Joe Robbins/Getty Images) (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Businessman/Business, man Jay Z is featured in the newest DJ Khaled song "They Don't Love You No More" and he uses the opportunity to call out the NCAA for not paying its players (in a characteristically colorful way).

Jay also calls out some of his detractors (like Raptors global ambassador Drake) by saying they are "soft as a lacrosse team." That line drew the ire of Major League Lacrosse, who questioned if Hova has what it takes to make it through one of their games.

Hopefully this Jay Z vs. Lacrosse & NCAA beef will continue to grow until we have the a response track from the Johns Hopkins lacrosse team over a dope Mark Emmert beat.

You can listen to the NSFW track below.

[Lost Lettermen|Rap Genius]

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