By Brendan Maloy
May 01, 2014

(via @ATLHawks/Twitter) (via @ATLHawks/Twitter)

The Atlanta Hawks have an opportunity to close out their first round series with the top-seeded Indiana Pacers at home on Thursday, and they are bringing back the iconic Pac-Man logo the team used from the early 70's until 1995.

Every fan who attends Game 6 will get a T-shirt with the logo and the phrase "ATL's Pac Is Back," and the team is offering fans the chance to sign up on their website for presale access to gear with the updated logo, along with a visual history of the team's uniforms.

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If you're on the fence about this idea, Dominique Wilkins says that he's excited about the new logo, and he pretty much gets the final say in all things Hawks-related.



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