By Nicole Conlan
May 01, 2014

Dunking a basketball is pretty much the coolest thing a person can do. For a lot of people, especially the vertically challenged among us, dunking can seem like an impossible dream. But 5-foot 5-inch tall Brandon Todd didn't let his height stand in the way of his hoop dreams.

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To put Brandon's achievement into perspective: a basketball hoop is 10 feet tall.  That means he has to jump nearly his height in order to get the ball above the rim. To achieve his 44-inch vertical, Brandon studied Russian power lifters and spent a year on plyometric exercises to build muscle and increase his explosive strength.

You know what? I'll talk to you guys later, I have to go to the gym like, immediately. But while I'm gone, check out this dunk by fellow 5' 5" athlete, Earl Boykins:

[Yahoo! Sports]

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