By Bryan Rose
May 04, 2014

Next time you head to Florida and take a dip in its crystal-blue waters, remember this: There might be a goblin shark lurking around.

OK, to be fair, the rather elusive goblin shark isn't likely to be anywhere near the shore, as the rare fish is often found in deep waters. Still, as a few fishermen found out last month, just spotting one alive is a once-in-a-lifetime experience

The crew members found the "living fossil" after unloading a shrimp net onto the deck of their boat. Shockingly, the shark, which comes from the Mitsukurinidae family dating back 125 million years, was still alive. After snapping a few pictures, the crew released it back into the waters.

According to NOAA, the crew joins only a handful of people to have ever seen a goblin shark alive.



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