By Bryan Rose
May 10, 2014

Suffer a head injury, let alone a bloody one, in an American sport and you're likely done for the day. But suffer such during a rugby game? Apparently you just rub some dirt on it and head back onto the field.

That's exactly what took place during a recent match in France between Racing Metro and Toulouse, as Florian Fritz, attempting to advance the ball, took a nasty shot to the head after crashing into Francois van der Merwe's knee.

Clearly dazed, Fritz attempted to get off the field but then apparently collapsed.

However, minutes later, Fritz shockingly returned to action behind the urging of his coach. League rules state any player who leaves a match due to blood must return within a specified amount of time or said player will be barred re-entry.

In fairness, the blood rule wasn't set up to deal with significant head injuries and it's possible we'll see a change come the offseason.



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