By Brendan Maloy
May 14, 2014

(via @SamNasri19/Twitter) (via @SamNasri19/Twitter)

Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri was left off the French 23-man roster for this summer's World Cup team, and while he is likely unhappy with national team manager Didier Deschamps decision, his girlfriend Anara Atanes is livid.

(via Metro News) (via Metro News)

Nasri, who has a history of profane outbursts himself, took to Twitter to try and calm Atanes down. It seems his attempts were somewhat successful, as she returned to Twitter to retweet some support and clarify that her anger was focused on the French National Team, and not the entire nation.

You know what they say: hell hath no fury like a woman (whose boyfriend was) scorned (by the French World  Cup team).



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