By Dan Treadway
May 15, 2014

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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is apparently above all else a hockey fan.

Shortly after the Montreal Canadiens defeated the Boston Bruins in Game 7 of their Stanley Cup playoffs series, Harper took to Twitter to gloat about the victory in the most subtly trollish way possible.

Hockey fans will know what he's getting at, but for the uninitiated, last season the Bruins defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs in game 7 of their playoff series -- a contest that the Leafs were leading 4-1 in the third period, no less. As one can imagine, this result is a sore subject amongst Leafs fans. And if you look even further back, the Bruins defeated the Canucks in 7 games during the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals. Stephen's throwing some serious coast-to-coast shade here.

As the Toronto Sun put it, "Not exactly a good way to pick up seats in non-conservative ridings."

Harper is a big fan of beating his chest on Twitter after victories, as evidenced by this gloating jab he sent after Canada defeated the U.S. at the Sochi Olympics:


Toronto Sun

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